Personal Style, Style - 10.06.2018
image of storm wes

image of storm wes

image of storm wes

this setting made me feel like I wasn’t in the middle of our park down the road.
it made me feel like we were in the middle of nowhere somewhere lost in provence.
I never envisioned this setting to work out so well but I guess this look just blended in so
perfectly too. when I chose this EDITED DRESS I was already one hundred percent sure
of how to style it. the JACQUEMUS BLOUSE had been sitting way to long in my closet and it
had to come out again. not only scenery but also the look made me feel in the spirit of being
somewhere more beautiful to where we were actually located. this whole look will be definitely
in my suitcase for when we leave to BARI in the end of july.

  • Photography: Samuel Smelty

  • Collaboration: Edited