Design, Things - 03.05.2018
image of storm wes

image of storm wes

why don’t we write love letters anymore?

when was the last time you wrote a love letter? when was the last
time you received one – can you remember? to receive a hand-written
letter in days where emojis, like hearts and blowing kisses, are international
symbols and quite often used to express your love, is rather rare. a love letter
is something we can keep and reread whenever we want to recall the sweet words
our loved ones shared with us. the detail and effort the person may have
done is now visual in front of our eyes.

it’s personal, it’s special and it kind of is forever (if kept in a safe place).

image of storm wes
image of storm wes
image of storm wes

homage to LUDWIG II

would we have known anything about LUDWIG II’s personal life if he wouldn’t
have written his words down to paper? even if he, so they say,
was not that romantic, his love letters to his fiancé SOPHIE CHARLOTTE
must have been wonderful to read.

but Montblanc’s dedication to LUDWIG II of bavaria wasn’t because
he was in his element of love letters, but rather because of his cultural legacy.
as he was also known as the SWAN KING who found his interests in
art, music and architecture. not only did he help the composer RICHARD
WAGNER creating one of his biggest works but also funded constructions
of castles, like the famous NEUSCHWANSTEIN castle.

Montblanc found inspiration for the limited edition 4810 in the feather of a swan, which
explains the white of the cap. also the blue barrel, that stands
for royalty was inspired by LUDWIG II’s portrait. Inspiration was also
taken from the castle NEUSCHWANSTEIN – like the shape of the cone.
all in one Montblanc created four wonderful fountain pens.

my love letters would be written perfectly with this writing instrument, don’t you think?