• The Designer Blazer.


    HariThanD Blazer (gifted) – Gina Tricot Shorts – Zara Heels – Primark Rings, Bracelets – Ray Ban Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters Earrings

    With a detailed Collar.

    Hallo liebe Leute,
    mit diesem Post möchte ich auf die Marke HariTHanD aufmerksam machen. Ich konnte tolle Bilder in Port Elisabeth machen.  Ich habe diesen tollen einzigartigen Blazer zugeschickt bekommen und finde den echt super. Tolle Blazer können auf Anfrage bestellt werden. Außerdem arbeiten sie mit verschiedenen Stoffen, Perlen und Steinchen.
    Nur noch 1 Monat und ein paar Prüfungen und ich muss nie wieder zur Uni. Zwar muss ich meine Bachelor Arbeit schreiben, aber nur von zu Hause aus. Die Zeit verging ziemlich schnell, wir haben schon 2013. Jedenfalls werde ich viel Zeit haben und diese auch endlich unserem Blog widmen.
    Aber erstmals heißt es „Augen zu und durch“ !Wie findet ihr das Outfit?Dear Readers,

    in this Post I am wearing a blazer from HariTHanD. They sent me this unique and gorgeous Blazer and I really love the detailed collar. If you like what you see, you can contact them for Information or ordering. They use amazing Fabrics, Pearls and colorful stones.
    Only one month to go and some exams and then I am finished with university. I still have to write my Bachelor, but I can write it from home. Time goes by really fast, can you imagine we are already in 2013. Anyways I will have way more time and can finally invest it in our Blog.

    What do you think of the Outfit?

    Oh, we also have a new Video on Youtube:


    Hope you enjoyed it,

    Love Storm


  • Sparkling Details.

    Cardigan, Top H&M | Necklace  Primark | Jeans Zara | Shoes Nelly.com
    Und von mir gibts auch noch einen Outfitpost. Wie schnell das Wochenende einfach vergeht. 🙁
    Meine Schuhe von Nelly sind letzte Woche angekommen und ich hab mich richtig gefreut. Ich hatte erst Angst das sie zu klein oder zu groß sein würden, weil ich immer zwischen zwei Schuhgrößen schwanke. Aber sie passen perfekt. Außerdem haben Storm und ich nicht nur Outfitposts vorbereitet, sondern wie ihr seht auch ein neues Video. Wär lieb wenn ihr euch es anschaut und uns Feedback geben würdet.
    Also I finally have a new outfitpost. How time flies when it comes to weekends. 🙁
    My shoes from Nelly.com arrived last week, that really made my day. At first I was scared that they would be too small or too big, because my shoe size always depends on the shoe. But gladly, they are a perfect fit.
    Nevertheless, Storm and I did  not only prepare outfitposts. We also made another Video for our Youtube Account. Would be nice if you could have a look at it and give us some Feedback.
    Take Care,


  • Simple Autumn Outfit.


     Zara Coat – Vero Moda Jeans – Primark Boots, Bag, Ring – D&G Earrings – Guess Watch – MarcbyMarcJacobs Bangle

    The First Autumn Outfit.

    Hey Readers,
    its getting colder and colder.. And I am definitely not ready for autumn. I feel like I never really had a summer. I am starting to look for great autumn winterish clothes now. And I must say I am loving almost every single collection that the stores have. I can’t wait to go shopping and buy some great clothes. Sometimes its really hard to be stylish when its so freaking cold outside. You just want to wear UGG Boots or even sneak up under your blankets and wait till winter is over haha.
    This outfit is how I love to dress when it gets cold. The navy blue coat from Zara is one of my favorites and you can combine it with cute little details. I love combining it with light pinks, I just love how they suit somehow.
    What do you think of this outfit? And how do you feel about autumn?
    Take Care
  • Camou And Asymmetric Heels.

    Zara Jacket, Jeans, Heels – Primark Earring – Gina Tricot Ring – oasap.com Spike Bracelet – Internacionale Cross Bracelet, Earcuff – Missselfridge Skull Bracelet

    Asymmetric Heels combined with Camouflage Jacket.

    Hola Everyone,
    its finally weekend, not that I actually Know (Thanks Grammar Nazi) what weekday it is haha. When you have holidays you never Know what day and date it actually is, you probably Know what I mean. So I made myself some time to share another Outfit of mine. I really like this jacket as you can see, I wore it in my last Post as well. I thought of showing you another way I would combine it. And I love the Jeans to the Heels. I think they look perfect together.
    So which look do you prefer? This one or the one with the Snapback?
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Love Storm
  • Casual Look.


     Primark Top&Earrings // Gina Tricot Shorts&Ring // H&M Ring // Allstar Chucks
    Sun and warmth showed up unexpectedly and yes, finally could take out a few
    summer clothes like shorts that were just lying in the closet! This is a quite simple combination
    and it’s chic, casual and cute at the same time 🙂  Also it is very comfortable, I guess
    it would be good for a long day of shopping or someday or occasion which affords
    walking for hours. All Star Converse Chucks are just the best for that.What do you think of this outfit? And do you also love
    Chucks ?Take Care, Andrea


  • The Pink Jeans.


     Primark Blouse&Bracelets // Zara Jeans&Heels // Gina Tricot Bag&Ring // H&M Ring // Urban Outfitters Earrings // Guess Watch
    Hey lovely Readers,
    Just showing you todays Outfit! I love my new Blue Heels from Zara and now I finally have something that matches with my bright blue Bag YEEI! It has been a busy week and it keeps getting busier. I just need some sleep haha. Anyways I hope you had a great weekend! And enjoy your last day of the weekend. I am going to do some University work 🙁
    BTW: For those of you who have instagram or any of you! I have a contest running with loadnvote.
    Contest Alert!
    For those of you who have a „passion for fashion“, Loadnvote.com and TheAdorableTwo have teamed up to host an Instragram „Fashion-Gram“ contest! Enter your best fashion photos and wait until the voting begins on July 9th! The winning photo gets a $100 gift card to Zara! This is your time to express yourself.
    Simply just go on this link:http://loadnvote.com/contest/original-fashion-gramAll you have to do is go onto the link upload your own fashion outfit or fashion picture.

    Good Luck to all of you !!
  • A little touch of Sequins.

    Primark Blouse & Shoes | Gina Tricot Sequined tube top & Jeans | Chanel Lipstick
    Just enjoying the warm weather we currently have. These are my new clothes you’ve probably seen in my New in post. I just had to combine them and make an Outfit post. Its holidays yeey, and i dont have to go to school. I might go out with friends today.. Anyways what do you  think about this Outfit ?
    Are you also totally in love with Sequins ?
    Love, Andrea
  • Is just another lemon jeans.

    Zara Jeans, Primark Top, Nelly Shoes/Ring, RayBan Sunglasses, H&M Earrings
    People you cannot believe how happy I am. Not only because the sun is shining its just beautiful Outside. Because its finally weekend and I can spend some time with my Boyfriend.
    I hope you like this Outfit ! I love my lemon pants, haha.
    Tell me what are your plans for the Easter Holidays?
  • Sunshines and red wines.

    Vintage Blazer, Unknwon Jeans, Gina Tricot Top, VJ-Style.com Bag, Zara Heels, D&G Earrings
    Wow isn’t the weather just amazing? Well here in Germany it is. I came home from work and it felt so good. I had fun reading some comments. I am not doing this for „Fame“ or any kind of „Success“. I love to dress up and think its such a great Idea to share my Inspiration with you.
    I need to go cut my hair 🙁 But I am always so scared that they are going to screw my hair up, haha.
    What about you? Problems with Hairdressers too?