• Summer, sunshine and Zara.

    Top & Pants Zara | Jewelry and Shoes PrimarkIch liebe einfach meine neuen Sachen von Zara und da sie auch gut zusammenpassen kombinierte ich sie zu einem Outfit. Eine Freundin von mir war da und dann haben wir auch gleich davon ein paar Bilder gemacht. „Jede Blondine brauch eine Brunette“ haha.  Gestern war ich im Kino und habe Taffe Mädels geguckt. Der Film war richtig gut und so lustig! Kann ihn nur weiterempfehlen 🙂

    I just love my new items from Zara. And because they fit together so perfectly I combined them creating an outfit. Me and a friend hung out at my place and then we also took some pictures of it. „Every Blonde needs a Brunette“ haha. Yesterday I was at the cinema and watched The Heat. The movie was really good, I enjoyed it and it was so funny! I can only recommend it 🙂

  • Spikes & Stripes.


    Romwe Blouse, Spiked Bra – Primark Blazer – Zara Jeans, Heels – Fossil Watch – Ebay Ring
    Mein Spiked Bra liegt jetzt schon seit längerem in meinem Schrank. Ich habe immer auf das passende Outfit gewartet um sie endlich anzuziehen. So ein Spiked Bra kann auf der Schnelle auch ziemlich billig wirken. Deswegen wollte ich auf ein Kleidungsstück warten, welches sich einfach perfekt kombinieren lässt. Die Bluse bietet sich da natürlich super an, denn nur ein schwarzes Top drunter ziehen, würde meiner Meinung nach den Look der Bluse zerstören.
    Wichtig fand ich auch, dem Outfit ein bisschen Farbe zu verleihen. Ich mag wie die Streifen aus dem Blazer rausgucken. Das Outfit ist eines meiner Lieblingsoutfits geworden.
    Heute bin ich echt sehr glücklich, denn es ist ein kleiner Artikel von mir in der Jolie! Ich werde auch gleich los gehen und sie kaufen haha.
    Küsschen Storm
    My spiked bra has been lying in my closet for quite a long time now. I have been waiting for a perfect piece of clothing to combine it with. A spiked bra can easily look trashy. So that is why I wanted to wait for the perfect piece. The Blouse from Romwe finally was the perfect match. If you wear a normal plain Black shirt underneath it wouldn’t look nice in combination with the blouse. I also thought Color would be great in for this Outfit. I chose the Blazer and I just love how the Stripes look in combination with the Blazer. I must say this Outfit has become one of my favorites!
    Today I am really happy & excited because there is a small article about our blog in the magazine Jolie. I am on my way to buy it now haha.
    Love Storm
  • Mintilicious.


    Promod Blazer – Zara Blouse, Jeans, Heels – Vero Moda Bag – H&M Ring – Primark Ring
    Es ist offiziell: Ich liebe Pastel Töne und vor allem Mint. Ich finde die sind so super schön für Frühling und Sommer. Ich war am rumprobieren womit denn die Bluse sich richtig toll kombinieren lässt. Heute hatte ich sie zu diesem Outfit an und fand es einfach passend. Auch das stechende Blau macht das Outfit irgendwie aus. Sie gehen nicht unter und verleihen dem Outfit das gewisse Etwas.
    Ich wurde gestern auch so oft, bei der Arbeit, wegen der Farbe meiner Fingernägel angesprochen. Ein älterer Herr meinte zu mir: Deine Fingernägel sind ja knallig blau. Sieht aber sehr schön aus. haha. Ich habe mich sehr über sein Kompliment gefreut. Was meint ihr zum Outfit?

    Its official: I love pastel tones, especially mint! I think the colors are perfect for spring and summer. I was trying out the blazer to see how to combine it and with what it would look great with. Today I wore it with this Outfit and I think it looks good in this combination. Also the blue nails kind of makes the Outfit good. Yesterday at work an older Man said to me: Your nails are really striking blue. Looks very nice. Haha. I was actually really happy to hear the compliment from him. 
    What do you think about the Outfit?


  • The Boyfriend.

    Romwe Blouse – Zara Jeans, Heels – Ray Ban Sunglasses – Ebay Lookbookstore Clutch – H&M Ring


    Hallo liebe Leser,
    endlich habe ich das Semester überstanden und es geht nun in die Inspirationsphase. Ich muss mir ein Thema für die BA- Arbeit suchen. Ich brauche dringend Inspiration, denn ich will schon im Juli fertig sein. Zu meinem Outfit: Lässige Jeans und die schicke Bluse passen super zusammen. Ich habe sie mit den Beigen Heels von Zara kombiniert. Die Bluse ist echt super, die kann ich wirklich jedem von euch empfehlen.
    Was sagt ihr zum Outfit?
    Dear Readers,
    finally university is over and now I am looking for Inspiration. I have to write my BA soon, so I need to find a Theme. I really need the Inspiration because I want to be finished by july. About the Outfit: Comfy Jeans and a chic blouse look great together. I combined them with my beige Heels from Zara. The Blouse is just awesome and if you are looking for one, I can surly recommend you this one!
    What you think?
    Love Storm
  • Romantic Rosé.

     Blouse, Shoes, Belt Primark / H&M Skirt, Ring
    Hello Readers 🙂
    I haven’t worn this skirt for a long long time! At first I didn’t know what could go with it, but then I combined it to one of my new blouses.  I like this combination of cute and classy. What do you think ?
    PS: We now have a formspring account, if you want to ask us something, go ahead !
  • Simply Red.

    Primark Blouse, Shorts, Handcuffs / Ring lookbookstore / Shoes no name

    Hello Readers! 🙂 When I first saw these shoes I just had to try them on – loved the color and they just looked amazing. But then I didn’t buy them, because they didn’t have my size. Luckily when my sister was in town a week after that, she found the shoes, available in my size and on sale (!) so she bought them for me 🙂
    I like the simple combination of this outfit. And the red shoes just gives the outfit a sophisticated touch.
    What do you think  ?
    Take Care, Andrea


  • All In Black With Some Gold.

    triangle,hipster, top, style, adorable


     Primark Blouse&Handcuffs&Earrings&Top // River Island Leggins // Zara Heels // Gina Tricot Ring
    I went to Primark yesterday.. I was so excited because I haven’t been for a long time. But I must say
    I was really disappointed afterwards. They didn’t have much nice things. You had to look in between some clothes to find something that looks really awesome. I found this lovely blouse. I love how it is loooong at the back and cut out as well! Now I can finally shoe off my Tube Top from Primark. The jewelry was great, I am so proud of the handcuffs.
    Yesterday was a busy day, we went to hamburg to drop off Andrea at the Wiz Khalifa concert and actually wanted spend some time walking around. But we just had a Burger at Jim Blocks and then sat in the Car and actually fell a sleep haha. So so much to „going out“.
    What do you think of this Outfit?
    Much Love



  • Casual Look.


     Primark Top&Earrings // Gina Tricot Shorts&Ring // H&M Ring // Allstar Chucks
    Sun and warmth showed up unexpectedly and yes, finally could take out a few
    summer clothes like shorts that were just lying in the closet! This is a quite simple combination
    and it’s chic, casual and cute at the same time 🙂  Also it is very comfortable, I guess
    it would be good for a long day of shopping or someday or occasion which affords
    walking for hours. All Star Converse Chucks are just the best for that.What do you think of this outfit? And do you also love
    Chucks ?Take Care, Andrea


  • The Pink Jeans.


     Primark Blouse&Bracelets // Zara Jeans&Heels // Gina Tricot Bag&Ring // H&M Ring // Urban Outfitters Earrings // Guess Watch
    Hey lovely Readers,
    Just showing you todays Outfit! I love my new Blue Heels from Zara and now I finally have something that matches with my bright blue Bag YEEI! It has been a busy week and it keeps getting busier. I just need some sleep haha. Anyways I hope you had a great weekend! And enjoy your last day of the weekend. I am going to do some University work 🙁
    BTW: For those of you who have instagram or any of you! I have a contest running with loadnvote.
    Contest Alert!
    For those of you who have a „passion for fashion“, Loadnvote.com and TheAdorableTwo have teamed up to host an Instragram „Fashion-Gram“ contest! Enter your best fashion photos and wait until the voting begins on July 9th! The winning photo gets a $100 gift card to Zara! This is your time to express yourself.
    Simply just go on this link:http://loadnvote.com/contest/original-fashion-gramAll you have to do is go onto the link upload your own fashion outfit or fashion picture.

    Good Luck to all of you !!
  • Ice Cream Tones.


     Primark Top, Heels, Ring // Zara Jeans // H&M Ring // Ray Ban Sunglasses// Guess Watch// MarcbyMarcJacobs Purse
    Hey Readers,
    I have a week off Uni so I had some time to do an Outfit Post. I went out to town with my boyfriend and wore this Outfit. So we took an advantage and took this pictures in town. I am in love with the colors, i love this Outfit haha. A week ago I decided to dye my Hair in ‚Ombre‘ look. I did it myself and afterwards Andrea had to help me. I said to myself, that if it goes wrong I am just going to cut it off haha. But I am actually really pleased with the result and I only paid 3,45 €! I am so scared of the hairdresser so I only go if its really needed. What do you think of the Outfit?
    Take Care,