Interior, Things - 15.12.2018
image of storm wes
image of storm wes

BOLIA cosima couch* . joseph blazer* (similar here) . laurel vintage pants . mold atelier earring* . massimo dutti dress*

image of storm wes
image of storm wes

image of storm wes

image of storm wes

image of storm wes

we had been searching for almost one year to find the perfect new home for us. for everyone in the same predicament will
understand how annoying, frustrating and devastating the search cane be at times. we have our new place but it
is still a huge construction zone, that we are trying to get finished. the planning, decisions and especially to agree
on furniture is so time consuming. but we both knew that we wanted a couch that would be the absolute
„coming home“ feeling when you eventually come home after a long day. we always wanted a big sofa from
BOLIA but never ever had the space. now our little dream came true – thanks so much to BOLIA for working with us –
we have our dream couch the COSIMA.

with a huge color palette and a variety of fabric BOLIA has to offer, it took us quite some time
to figure out what exactly we were going for. we had options of dark grey with a velvet texture,
curry yellow (yes, this was actually an option) also in the globa material and of course light beige in
london, which is a woven material. we took all our favorite colors and material selections home – it took us quite some
time till we finally made the decision on that. because of the lighting in our apartment, we went for the light beige to
brighten up the living space a bit more. after we finally agreed on the color and material it was now to decide which
size we were about to take. they offer two different sizes: 3 meters and 2.4 meters. we actually fell in love with the
3 meters couch and loved that it was such a big space to just lay and relax. we were very much reminded (from every single one of
our friends) that we do not live in a loft and open space, where such a huge couch would fit and have a real impact.

2.4 meters was the best decision we made. it has the perfect fit to our living room. due to the deepness of the couch,
which is 1.20 you can have the ultimate comfy experience in every single lying position. I just feel like this
is our little art piece in the room and everything else needs to be replaced, because the couch over shines on everything –
in a good way!

  • Photography: Marius Knieling

  • Collaboration: Bolia