Personal Style, Style - 11.11.2018
image of storm wes

arket blazer* . arket skirt* . massimo dutti boots . sophie hulme bag* (similar here) . jane koenig earrings*

image of storm wes

image of storm wes

I have never been someone who stuck to the norms in terms of shopping in my size and gender.
Like I have learnt to shop my coats in two to three sizes bigger – it is
especially good for your chunky knits and sweaters. You probably do it already whilst online and
offline shopping, is heading over to the men’s section. I have found me some proper gems – the
fit is mostly oversized which has such a cool fit on women, like this ARKET blazer I found. I
originally had the full on men’s suit on which had an awesome fit to it too, with a proper belt,
the pants would have had a cool ruffled look around the waist. I would have added my favorite
GUCCI strappy stilettos to the look to add some contrast. especially in vintage shopping I would advice you to
look what the other sex has to offer! I mean Julie Pelipas in that grey vintage suit defiantly is proof!

so let’s talk about SOPHIE HULME and her newest BOLT BAG. I reckon you all remember the ALBION 
Bag which I remember quite a few people having one back in 2015 (me too, but the super tiny version which I am sure
you will find pictures of it on the blog)? her newest design is the BOLT BAG which comes in so many lovely colors.
absolute fan of the size and style of the bag, especially this white fluffy one – IT’S SO FLUFFY!!