current favorites – low classic

current favorites with low classic blazer and pants with le labo bronzer and white arket top

low classic pants . isabel marant bracelet . arket top . boyy bag . low classic blazer . le labo bronzer . misho earrings . saint laurent sandals

make it be spring already please. every february I get so inpatient that it would be just nice to fast
forward to maybe end of march or something? I can’t stand wearing a coat, I can’t stand freezing and
I can’t stand myself being lazy on looks, because all I tend to wear is a thick sweater and jeans.

my current favorites are putting my mindset to the beginning of warmness, where everyone has the same conversations in their small
talks „can you believe it was so warm today I didn’t have to wear any jacket“ (believe me I will be saying it too).
have you heard of the brand LOW CLASSIC before? whilst searching for some inspiration for my next shoots I found them
on the gram. and obviously this perfection of a brand is from Korea, serving us tailored minimalistic cool pants and other garments.
this suit is has to move in! 

rumor has it (in this case rumor is a girl and her name is Desi) that this LE LABO Bronzer is one hell of a product when
it comes to looking tanned when you are actually not. super convinced and also a bit curious of how this product
will work it’s magic on me.

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