current favorites – the gift edit

current favorites the gift edit with byroad eleventh hour angelle black leather gloves and diptyque roses candle

benedict wells die wahrheit über das lügen . byredo eleventh hour . rails pajama . h&m home decanter . diptyque roses . agnelle gloves . alighieri earrings . dr. barbara sturm lip balm . a.p.c leather pouch 

as per usual I am only planning my gift list last minute. something I kind of swore to myself is to have
it finished all by end of november – but common who was I fooling? december just appeared like an unwanted guest
leaving me unprepared, well thank you for that. so just in case you are as late as me I picked out some gift ideas. obviously
these are also pieces that I wish upon myself to give my family some hints of what they can make me happy with under
the christmas tree. but they are also gifts, that would work for almost everyone.

BENEDICT WELLS die wahrheit über das lügen – I am currently reading „vom ende der einsamkeit“ written by BENEDICT WELLS and enjoying this read. therefore it would be nice to continue reading one of his other works. books in general are good gift ideas, we tend to forget to read or even make time to just sit and read, which I think is so important nowadays. it helps you focus on just one thing and also can let you calm down.

BYREDO eleventh hour – don’t you also get tired of mainstream fragrances from time to time? so how about introducing your loved ones to some niche perfumes like BYREDO. if you are not sure of what the to be gifted one would like, there are always samples sizes you could buy.

RAILS pajama – this must be one of THE THINGS I love having under the christmas tree. definitely am such a fan of pajamas that you could say I do kind of collect them. I don’t exactly know where this obsession comes from… but I really do think that I wouldn’t be the only one to be happy about a gift like that.

H&M HOME decanter – you most definitely can’t go wrong with interior pieces, especially when they are multifunctional like this decanter: a) it can be used for drinks b) it can also be used as a deco element.

DIPTYQUE roses – yes, how lame of me to always put in a candle into my gift edit. simply because I am just a huge fan of DIPTYQUE. everytime I light up a candle it just gives me that ultimate comfort moment. my all time favorite is the ROSES candle – trust me !

AGNELLE gloves – what I love about the idea of gifting a good pair of black leather gloves is that you can find them easily and in perfection condition at a vintage store near by. it is also something you will have your whole life – will not go out of trend and will certainly keep you warm in 2050 too.

ALIGHIERI earrings – you can think about yourself for a change? why not gift your self and put it under the christmas tree? but also suitable for your sister, mother, girl friend or best friend.

dr. barbara sturm lip balm – one of the most hyped beauty brands just launched a new lip balm and it’s the perfect gift for any special person in your life. gifting a newly launched item of her or his favorite brand is just the thing to do. believe me they already had it on their wishlist.

a.p.c leather pouch – if there is one thing I don’t have is a nice looking beauty bag. I don’t mind having a beauty bag for over 10 years now, it still does it’s job. but it would be nice to own a new one. you feeling me here?

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