*anzeigestorm wears marko houndstooth coat from joseph aw18 shot infront of editorial poster Berlin 2018

selfmade joseph aw18 poster editorial cookbook with joseph styles

storm wears joseph marko houndstooth coat styled with brown pants and checked blazer

storm on joseph aw18 poster selfmade

storm wears joseph aw18 styling for selfmade project editorial

storm wears joseph aw18 styles for project combined with checked blazer

project with JOSEPH

storm wears joseph sweater combined with dared wool knit sweater

storm wears joseph aw18 styles and marko coat

selfmade editorial joseph aw18 poster

all JOSEPH || marko houndstooth coat . rone trousers . gemina chevron check blazer . draped wool knit sweater . boyfriend jeans

a creative process always takes time – there are so many ideas in the mind, but to
evaluate them and see if your concept is realistic at the end of the day can be very time consuming
most of all nerve-racking. but it’s important not to give up on those ideas that maybe seem too impossible
or too much input. first of all „it’s never too much“ – that is always what I live by, especially in creating content.
you want to stand out with something that you love doing? then go for the extreme, make concepts and try your
best to make it happen. thats the best part about my job: I am creatively free. No CEO, no co-worker can put in his veto
– ergo I can make things happen.

Joseph Ettedgui made things happen not only did he launch is in-house brand JOSEPH in 1972 but he
also created a conceptual boutique before with the idea to bring in new designers and ideas to LONDON.
Ettedgui was the first one to sell Prada in London. with JOSEPH he made luxury essentials creating modern
classics – „somewhere to find inspiration“. I definitely found inspiration in one of my favorite brands and had the
Idea of printing Posters as a visual statement, instead of just taking pictures in the studio. something you might have
not seen before created by a small individual (I mean who is mad enough to print themselves on a poster?).

it was the perfect way to highlight the JOSEPH AW18 designs, which all come with sort of a twist, but still
don’t loose their identity of modern classics and luxury essentials. the gemina chevron checked blazer definitely serves you
both, with the clever belting detail as statement. as well as the draped wool knit sweater which has this long piece of scarf
included is not only a genius 2in1 piece but also has the all eyes on you factor. you should have your eyes open in BERLIN too,
maybe you will see me hanging around.

One thought on “JOSEPH AW18

  • Reply Stefanie 6. Dezember 2018 at 10:21

    Ganz vieeeel Liebe! Für Joseph, für den Mantel, für den Blazer, für die Fotos und für dich! <3

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