current favorites – sweater weather

current favorites with arket sweater and &other stories cowboy boots and charlotte chesnais earring in gold

arket sweater . arket skirt . &other stories boots . rejina pyo bag . toteme jacket . charlotte chesnais earring 

it’s sweater weather and it has been for quite some time now. so it’s about time to get
us all cozy and warm. something that is lacking in my closet some real nice knit game. I feel
like I am still stuck in 2015 with my selection of knit. this ARKET sweater is definitely on my list – I love the
color and the fit of the basic sweater. it goes well with light pants (for the favorite color scheme) or darker toned
bottoms. also I feel like I am missing a short jacket in my closet, wouldn’t this TOTEME jacket be a good fit? into the
cowboy boots trend so much but haven’t found the perfect ones yet, I might have a look into these from &OTHER STORIES
although I am madly craving the ISABEL MARANT boots. CHARLOTTE CHESNAIS you have stolen my heart again.
remember the post where we shoot jewelry with the light pink water? not only was that one of my favorite
shoots and outcome of a shoot but also loved every single charlotte chesnais piece. this earring
looks stunning in ones ear too… come to mama!

speaking of come to mama this REJINA PYO bag has been on my mind for a few months now. I don’t have
any dark brown bag and what I love about this bag is of how it is shaped – it’s not the typical average bag size and look.
I reckon it will be something many people won’t understand as well, but that is what I love about it. qu’en pensez-vous?

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