The Statement Earring Recap

*Anzeigestorm wears edited earrings in gold with nanushka dress and crystal birch hat in cape town

storm wears the hazel statement earring from anne manns with jacquemus blouse and celine sunnies

Anne Manns Hazel Earrings* . Céline Sunnies . Jacquemus Blouse

These 24K gold pleated brass earrings are a statement for sure. They are handcrafted in Germany by Anne Manns
herself and are from her golden garden collection. Her main inspiration comes from nature and sculptural art, which
you can see in every wonderful piece she makes. And even though I can’t get enough of the Hazel earrings,
I already have the Alma earrings on my wishlist.

storm wears edited earrings in gold with nanushka dress and coccinelle bag

Edited Earrings* . Nanushka Dress* (similar here) . Coccinelle Bag* . Crystal Birch Hat (similar here)

EDITED surprised us all with their very own jewelry collection. In the past they had collaborations
with various german jewelry designers like Malaika Raiss and Nina Kastens. Then they took
the next step and created their very own. Out came these wonderful statement earrings Galenia,
which I almost wore everyday on my vacay. See the full post here

in collaboration with EDITED 

storm wears gold waif earrings with margaux lonnberg blazer

Waif Earrings* . Mija x Margaux Lonnberg Blazer* . Notnewstudio Top

Jules, one of my favorite interior bloggers, shared Waif earrings with her followers and when I looked them
up and saw that they are based in Cape Town, I knew I had to buy myself a pair. At first I had these earrings
in my mind, but they were just to heavy for my liking. The so called Sleepers caught my eye and had to come home
with me. The perfect souvenir.

storm wears sabrina dehoff statement earring with balenciaga clutch

Sabrina Dehoff Earrings . Notnewstudio Blouse . Balenciaga Clutch

I must say, we do have some really amazing jewelry designers here in Germany. Sabrina Dehoff is known for
her creative and innovative designs. And has various collections which contains classics but also
very arty and edgy designs. She is not afraid to add color in some pieces, but makes sure to
have resemblances to her previous collections, too.

storm wears cult gaia earrings with edited black dress and crystal birch hat

Cult Gaia Earrings . Edited Dress . Crystal Birch Hat (similar here)

These Cult Gaia earrings are a souvenir too, but from my Los Angeles trip last year November.
To my surprise they are super light, which is a real plus for a statement earring.

Slowly but surely I am stocking up on my statement earring game. I find it somewhat
important to have a small collection of le statements at home, because they do
come in handy for the outfits that need a bit more fashuuun. Are you one hundred percent
sure about a pair, than it sure is a real good investment to dig deep into your pockets an go designer – like the
HAZEL by ANNE MANNS. But it doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when you
know its just going to be worn everyday in that season.

Which is your favorite?

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