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*Anzeigestorm wears nanushka black skirt with cos top for tiffany and co. fragrance valentines day

The Valentine’s Day Edit

This is a reminder to all of the people in love – Valentine’s Day is very soon. And I know we could have an argument about wether it’s a relevant day to express your love or not, but if you are a lazy person or have a lazy person in your life, that forgets to give that extra love like little gifts or notes during the rest of the year, then this day should be rather important. So, if there is someone special in your life surprise them with a special something – the Tiffany and Co. Fragrance for instance.

Valentines day gift guide with tiffany and co. fragrance and the blue boxes stormwes

blue tiffany and co. boxes with fragrance for valentines day stormwes

tiffany and co. blue boxes fragrance valentines day gift guide stormwes

storm wears joseph boots with nanushka skirt and tiffany and co. fragrance

tiffany and co. blue boxes with fragrance diamond shaped stormwestiffany and co. fragrance with blue boxes for valentines day












love [lʌv] noun 1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection
for another person 2. a feeling of a warm personal attachment
or deep and co. blue boxes with perfume valentinesday gift guide stormwes

Storm wears black cos top with blue tiffany and co. boxes and fragrance

tiffany and co. fragrance for valentines day gift guide stormwes

tiffany and co. perfume fragrance with blue boxes valentines day gift idea

tiffany and co. fragrance with blue boxes gift guide for valentines day

in collaboration with TIFFANY AND CO. 

Tiffany and Co. Blue Boxes for Valentinesday Gift Guide idea stormwes

And when we think about Valentine’s Day, we do
tend to think in gifts. Which is necessarily not wrong.
Due to the fact, that we rarely take the time through out
the year, to gift someone special in our lives.

This unique Tiffany and Co. Fragrance comes in a lovely
Blue Box and who else would be perfect in making the
fragrance for and about love. The fragrance has an
unique and elegant scent yet would suit every woman
out there.

Or create something personalized with the Tiffany and Co.
Tattoo Shop.

Do you #BelieveInLove ?

Dear Love





i remember coming home from a rather stressful day not even in mind what kind of day it was. The moment I walked through the door I saw that smile that you only have for me, that felt like a „you are finally here“. Instantly my face lit up too, I can never hold back when I see you. You held my hand and showed me the way upstairs – a surprise was awaiting me. You had written little notes and hid them everywhere in my room. On each was a little love confession – you know me I teared up by the first note – and a hint where the other note was hiding. Collecting one note after the other and reading all the overwhelming words you wrote to me made me realize how lucky I was to have you in my life. The last note said „look behind you“ and there you were with a small gift – the fragrance I had been thinking about for so long. I will truly never ever forget this day. The notes I kept and read them when I ever feel down, they cheer me up instantly. – Love S.

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