My little winter helpers


storm winter beauty helpers with caudalie eau de beaute and system professionals and emma s skincare
Caudalie Eau de Beauté
* – Emma S. Day Cream* – System Professionals Luxe Oil*Magicstripes Eye Patches*

We all know that our Body, Hair & skin need more attention during the cold days. So it`s time to share some of my current winter beauty helpers. 

My little winter helpers

storm wes beauty favorites with caudalie eau de beaute and emma s skincare

storm wes caudalie eau de beauty limited edition beauty elixir

Caudalie Eau De Beauté

It seems to me that the winter can get very stressful at times, especially went it comes close to Christmas. Not only are we super busy with our jobs, arranging christmas parties and dinners and also taking care of the presents we are also in the middle of nibbling on Christmas Cookies, Chocolate and all sorts of lovely things. But all these things do have an impact on our skin and especially on mine. What I like using, especially during this season, is the Caudalie Eau De Beaute facial mist spray. Yes, it actually is beauty water trust me on this one. And especially the Limited Edition Beauty Elixir Bauble which comes in a lovely gold bottle (which is actually a good christmas gift). So why is it my little winter helper? Super simple, first of all it works like an multi-tasker, you can use it for all sorts of things like fixating your make-up, for a glowing complexion, smoothness and refreshing after a long day. It sure is relaxing too – the smell of this Elixir takes you straight from your stressful moment into thoughts of beautiful spas where you are lying and getting the ultimate massage.

myrrh, rose – toning
rosemary – invigorating 
peppermint – stimulating
grapes – hydration


System Professionals Luxe Oil


Not only my skin needs help during winter time but also my hair suffers. My absolute favorite product for my hair is the System Professionals Luxe Oil which I use almost every day (and to come to think of it still quite full too). Because I have natural curls my hair needs so much more attention. So after I wash my hair I first use a leave-in conditioner and before drying it I apply some of the oil into my hair. After drying it for hours, believe me it feels like hours, and straightening it I put a bit in my palm and apply it to the very dry parts of my hair. This gives super hydration to my hair, which does not make it look dry and also gives my hair that natural shine. When ever I feel my hair looks kind of dull I always use some of this oil just to give a bit of life back.

Emma S. Day Cream

You could surely call it Emma S. Day Dream, because this sensitive day cream keeps my face hydrated all day. For me it is definitely one winter helper, because my skin gets super dry. „I kind of feel like it’s the perfect suited moisturizer for me, because first of all it doesn’t let my skin look oily, I feel fresh and kind of skin-hydrated.“ – this was me two beauty posts ago and me today.

Magicstripes Wake me up Eye Patches 

I hope I am not the only one who suffers to get up winter? Especially after my trip to LA I felt like after a month I hadn’t fully recovered from the jet-lag und would be fighting with myself to get out of bed. Due to the lack of sleep and all the sad christmas movies I tend to watch, my eyes are always super puffy in the mornings. But Magicstripes come to the rescue!! They have a super cooling affect and moisturize the part under your eyes that shouldn’t have circles at all. I must say, that the swelling does go down and you just have a fresher look. The look of a person that slept like sleeping beauty.

 Do you have any winter beauty helpers that you could recommend ?

*in collaboration with CAUDALIE // this post also contains affiliate links

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