The Christmas Gift Guide

the christmas gift guide for her 2017 with susanne kaufmann bath oils slip sleeping mask stormwes

Smythson NotebookDiptyque CandleEdited X Nina Kastens Starsign Necklace&other Stories ScarfSlip Sleeping Mask Susanne Kaufmann Bath Oil – Yashica Analogue Camera – Cooee Design VaseAmanda Lovelace „the princess saves herself in this one“ Book 

If you are just as late as I am with buying christmas gifts and are still figuring what to buy then this gift guide should help you with that !

The Christmas Gift Guide

For Her 

THE LOVE FOR WORDS – For the women and girls who love to write down their notes this SYMTHSON NOTEBOOK should be a perfect gift for them. It has a wonderful textured-letaher cover and is stamped with gold lettering. 

THE LOVE FOR SCENTS – Its not very easy to find the perfect scent or fragrance for your beloved ones. So if you are really unsure then how about a DIPTYQUE CANDLE instead. You can choose from a bright range to find the suited one and the good thing is that it also works well as an interior item. And if you are still looking for a scent you would like to gift someone how about the new TIFFANY FRAGRANCE?

THE LOVE FOR JEWELRY – This gift idea is my favorite because it has tat kind of unique and individual „taste“ to it. The EDITED X NINA KASTENS STAR-SIGN necklace is a wonderful gift for all the women and girls out there. How wonderful and also kind of thoughtful is this present to have your own star-sign as a necklace. Make sure you get them Birthdays right before…

THE LOVE FOR FASHION – Buying fashion items for christmas can actually go horribly wrong. I wouldn’t want to remind myself of last christmas but I would say that neon colors aren’t really my style. To not go wrong in that department I think a lovely scarf in black, grey or camel would be a lovely surprise under the christmas tree – like this two-toned &OTHER STORIES scarf.

THE LOVE FOR TRAVEL – One of your beloved ones is always on the go? From flights, to train rides? This SLIP SLEEPING MASK has to be a good idea. Having the luxurious lightly cushioned silky sleep mask on your eyes during a flight sounds like you will be able to sleep come what may. Especially knowing that the mask wouldn’t damage your skin and hair because of the smoothness and lightness of the mask.

THE LOVE FOR BEAUTY – Just how beautiful is this SUSANNE KAUFMANN BATH OIL set? Just imagine having this under the christmas tree wouldn’t you just be so happy about it? I would definitely, even though I don’t even have a bath… But it is actually the ideal gift because it first of all looks super pricey (its only 25 bucks and you can impress your picky mother in law) and is just a beautiful set for the bathroom. 

THE LOVE FOR PICTURES – This is something you don’t even necessarily have to buy! I bet you your grandparents or even your parents have analoge cameras lying around somewhere. I think its a super special gift which you can gift with a film as well, so you can already take lovely pictures on christmas. And its something you can share together for memories, which these memories can be a gift for the next year too! I promise you it’s so much fun. I had my analogue camera with me in LA and to see the results a few weeks later was simply the coolest thing. You can see the outcome of my pictures on Postcards from LA.

THE LOVE FOR INTERIOR – A vase can seem a bit random as a gift. But not for the interior lover out there. How about an unique vase like this COOEE DESIGN vase. Things like these have probably been on their list for quite some time now, but they never really really press the buy button. So how about surprising them with something like that.

THE LOVE FOR BOOKS – „This moving book explores love, loss, grief, healing, empowerment, and inspiration.“ – this AMANDA LOVELACE book does sound promising and I think is a good book to start with for the year of 2018 or even for the in-between days after christmas pre-new years eve.


the christmas gift guide for him apc cardholder and cards against humanity stormwes

APC CardholderNative Union Travel Cable Tom Dixon Whiskey Glass Set – Caran d’ache Pen – Cards Against Humanity GameWeekday Scarf Beoplay Speaker Le Labo Beard Oil 

I think it’s actually quite difficult to find a suiting gift for le man, would you agree on that too? But here are some ideas that might help both of us.


APC CARDHOLDER – I always asked myself why men have a wallet in the first place. Most of their small change is all over the place (pockets, jackets) anywhere else but not even near their wallets. So why need it in the first place and as an alternative just gift a card holder instead. Super handy for them and actually also for us – no more big wallets in our handbags !!!

NATIVE UNION TRAVEL CABLE – He is always on the go but still has to stay in touch with you? No problemo if you gift him this travel cable where he always has his cable to charge his phone in his pocket or backpack all the time. No excuses now.

TOM DIXON WHISKEY GLASS SET – Now, if you have a beloved person that has a thing for whiskey or rum or any sort of that he is definitely missing the set to enjoy it with. Matching glasses with a matching decanter for showing off to his friends and enjoying that cognac by the fireplace. And if he kind of has a thing for interior then a hundred points for the best present will surely go to you.

CARAN D’ACHE PEN – There comes a time in your life where you have to sign important papers and I reckon it would be time to sign it with an luxurious pen like this one rather than signing it off with promotional pens. Therefore this present is a good idea.

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY – Need him to laugh once in a while because you are driving him insane (haha) this „card“ game will surely make him laugh. „A bad, bad game for bad, bad people.“ – well if this doesn’t catch you than I just don’t know…

WEEKDAY SCARF – You can never go wrong with a scarf as a christmas gift. Mostly because a) they don’t even own a scarf and always borrow yours b) the scarf they possess is more than two decades old.

BEOPLAY SPEAKER – He is a music lover, travels a lot and doesn’t necessarily know all the lyrics to the songs? Well yeah the last one can be annoying sometimes, but I don’t have any tipps for that problem. But surely with this Beoplay speaker one can overplay his singing by just regulating the volume with an app adjusting it soo loud that you don’t have to hear it anymore. And it’s a nice thing to have especially in summer when you are in the park and want to have to life background music. 

LE LABO BEARD OIL – He takes extremely good care of himself or he doesn’t? Good, this beard oil works for both types of men. 


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