The Tiffany Fragrance

*Anzeigestorm wears tiffany fragrance in kadewe changing room with givenchy skirt and joseph blouse

For all the Tiffany Fans out there, hold on tight to your seats: the jewelry is not the only thing you will be wearing around your neck and arms. Now you have the chance to combine the newest Tiffany Fragrance too. And we all now, all nice things come in blue boxes, just like the new Eau de Parfum.

christmas gift idea tiffany fragrance eau de perfume with iris mochus and patchuli

storm wears tiffany fragrance with white joseph blouse

christmas gift idea tiffany fragrance diamond shaped

tiffany fragrance diamond shape christmas gift idea

creative direction Storm Westphal pictures by Marius Knieling
in collaboration with Tiffany

christmas gift guide tiffany perfume diamond shape in blue box

storm wears givenchy skirt with Joseph blouse and tiffany fragrance

I don’t think that I am the only one who checks out the Tiffany engagement rings on a monthly basis. Just scrolling the page and day dreaming.Since that is something I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself, there is the alternative Diamond out there for me: the scent.

What does Tiffany have in store for us with this scent, what can we expect? The first thing that obviously strikes our eye is the magnificent and modern design of the bottle which was inspired by the 128.54-carat Tiffany diamond. The sharp edges remind us of the Lucida-cut diamond on the famous engagement ring which makes you day dream. Also the liquid has a slight tint of blue which we associate with the Tiffany blue boxes, how cool is that. Tiffany has surprised me with the combination of modern and tradition in one. The outside is already very promising and you can already tell that the scent will be too. A sparkling floral musk opening with notes of mandarine and at the heart precious iris flower, associated with Tiffany from the beginning. Tiffany has created a timeless and luxurious scent which will definitely make you smell and especially feel like a million dollars.

It’s that time of the year again, and I mean how fast did this year go, where we are creating christmas wish lists for ourselves and looking for gift ideas for our loved ones. The Tiffany scent should be on one of those lists, like for gifting yourself for instance? Or surprising your mum, best friend or sister with a beautiful wrapped blue box? Because hey, „Diamonds are a girls best friend“.¬†

*in liebevoller Zusammenarbeit mit Tiffany

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