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storm wears acne studios pants with le specs sunnies and bash blouse talking storm wes

Bash Paris Blouse* – Acne Studios Pants (similar here) – Liebeskind Berlin B Bag* – Le Specs x Adam Selman Sunnies Weekday Earrings*

The personal Content about me is very rare on the Blog, because I kind of like to keep work and my personal life separated. But today I am kind of in the mood to share 26 personal things. From very random to maybe too personal…

26 things

Favorite thing in my wardrobe?

Starting off with a rather simple question. My absolute favorite thing in my closet is my Jacquemus Pants that I bought in the sales this summer. And you probably have seen me in it like all the time. And whenever I don’t know what to wear I also where the Pants – they are a true life saver. But I realized I only showed you one look with the pants on the Blog so far (see it here), so maybe I will do another look with it for fall.

Favorite Fashion accounts?

There is soooo soo much inspiration happening on Instagram, that sometimes it feels like an overflow. But I am not talking basic-accounts purpleish pinkish skies kind of accounts. But some proper proper accounts. My favorites are Oraclefox, Thefashioncuisine, Parkncube, Tineandreaa, Thedashingrider, Lifeofboheme, Lenalademann

Favorite movies?

I am a true movie Junkie ! I love watching movies. But my absolute favorite movies that I have watched more than 10 times are: Easy A (in german Einfach zu haben), if you have not watched this movie, then you seriously missed out on a really funny movie, but not stupid funny. The Notebook is one of my favorite love story movies. I cry all the time watching it (and I watched it more than 10 times). Angus, Thongs and perfect Snogging is the perfect movie showing how „difficult“ teenage life can be. Absolutely hilarious.

Favorite Apps I use?

The Apps I spend the most of my time on are obviously Instagram and Facebook. But when it comes to the essential Apps than it would be VSCO, Insta Seize, Video Collage and Facetune. And for entertainment its the Netflix App and when I am nervous I play the Kami 2 (which is also kind of an addictive game).

Favorite places to shop?

I used to be quite a shopaholic when I was 15. Never made wise decisions and just bought to buy. Now things have changed, obviously I still like buying stuff but I choose wisely and try to buy things that I would keep for more than just a season. But I really want to have Clothes that are a decade old.

My favorite places to shop at are: Mango, Net-A-Porter, &other Stories, Mytheresa, Zalando, Granit (interior), Soeur (Vintage/Offline)

Current cravings?

I always have a long list of things that I actually would love to have immediately. On my list is this Boyy Bag in orange. Yes orange, I would love to have a bag in „color“, instead of going for the simple colors. And due to the fact that it isn’t that bright orange but rather a brownish orange, it would be the perfect fit into my small collection. And I also have a complete list on interior things that I would love to get for my flat. We are currently looking for a new mirror and also a new Sideboard for our hallway.

Favorite song at the moment?

Currently on repeat is Gamma by Rin a german artist that is soo hyped at the moment. And I love If by Davido.

First fashion related job?

My first fashion related job was an internship for the german lifestyle show taff!. Even though the fashion part was the smallest part it was still my first steps into the world of how it all works. It was interesting to work with different brands and showing the german viewers the latest trends in fashion. That was the only part of the job that I absolutely loved. Form there I knew that I want to work in fashion. I never would have thought that one day I will be doing my blog full time. 

Favorite book?

Gone Girl and Cry Baby by Gillian Flynn

Favorite place to travel?

Definitely LA and Cape Town ! You can’t imagine how bad I want to go back to LA! I think about it all the time. Mainly because I miss the sun and the LA light. And everything was just so lovely and cool.

Favorite Post of all time?

My favorite Post of all time just happened recently actually. My boyfriend and I worked on a project together and I love the results so much. The post was about the latest Calvin Klein Obsessed Campaign, which we created our own story about what I am Obsessed with (see it here).

Any fears?

Hello, I am the queen of fears and random fears. My random fears are like scared of the dark, scared of pigeons, scared of butterflies, scared of waves, scared of clowns (and many more…). And then I have some serious fears that use to dominate my life or still do. Some of you probably already know that I am scared of flying. I used to get some panic attacks during flights (but not the ones where you historically breath and scream sort of attacks) rather the so scared that I was sick to my stomach, couldn’t concentrate and had to flee to the bathroom to breath and get it under control. It has become better but sometimes it happens, but its become really rare. For my german readers that suffer from the same fear I can really advice you to follow Cockpitbuddy Flugangstfrei, he really helped me to handle my fear.

I have the so called Emetophobia which is basically the fear of vomiting. This is one of the worst fears, because it actually really limits me to do things. I would be scared to leave my house, to go to public places, to be in an airplane, to sit in public transportation. And also still worries me at home. Sometimes I stay up all night, because I think I have to throw up, but I don’t have to. I also carry a flight sickness bag with me, just in case. But I have been working on my fear and not letting it limit me. So I don’t avoid things and if I feel sick I try and put my focus on something else. But its a real stress factor in my life I can tell you that for sure. 

Favorite restaurants in Berlin?

Coming from my fear of throwing up to food how classy of me. I have so many favorite places in Berlin and there is soo much to eat here as well. Its a real foodie heaven and for every kind of craving you will find what you love. My absolute favorite is Shiso Burger for me its one of the best Burgers I have eaten so far. When you are visiting Berlin you have to put these places on your list: Dudu, Berkis, Imren (best Döner), House of Small Wonder, Fes (the fries!! and the meat!!), Mon Plaisir (Café), District Mot, Babel, Madame Ngo

Favorite series?

The OC one of my absolute favorite series of all time ! I am such a Summer and Seth Fan – who is with me? And I also loved The OA so much (how random that I love series with The and only to other letters). Hope that there will be a second season. Also loved: Dexter, Modern Family and Sherlock.

Morning rituals?

Basically I get up make myself a cappuccino and update my E-Mails and write my To-Dos for the Day.

Favorite beauty product of all?

My absolute favorite product is the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer. Read about my favorite product here.

Favorite scent?

Miss Dior is my favorite scent. Even though I had a serious history of favorite scents like Thierry Mugler Alien, Jil Sander Everose and Armani Si.

Places you lived in?

I lived in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), Munich, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Hanover and now in Berlin

What did you study?

I studied Philosophy and Media in a small town near my home town. I majored in Philosophy and have my Bachelor of Arts. 

Where do you see yourself in a year?

I definitely see my self in a bigger flat. Our flat is way to small and I would just love to have a bit more space. I also see myself in my own office and not working from home anymore and working on cool projects for the Blog and maybe a side project like working on my own brand? Next year I would love to travel more and see more of the world ! So fingers crossed.

Next destination on the list?

We actually would love to got to Ibiza or Formentera. Alicante is also on our list and Lisbon. And LA again, haha.

First designer bag?

My first designer bag was the Chloé Drew bag in black, which I fell in love with before it was a trend. But for me it was the perfect little black fancy cross body bag which I never ever regret buying ! And I still wear it for weddings and dinner parties, because its just such a chic bag.

Wedding Bells?

My Boyfriend and I have been together for seven years now and we keep on getting the question „when are you two going to get married“. Even though I wouldn’t mind him popping the big question anytime soon, I am still stuck in-between I can see myself as a wife and no its just way to early to say I am married. So I wouldn’t mind waiting another two years.

Favorite thing out of your boyfriends closet?

I always steal his Hoodies, especially the (030) Sweater which is just the coolest. Fun fact, I actually wear it to all the events he gets invited to, without me noticing. And the person who owns the brand has seen me in this sweater so often. The last time we went to a private Rin concert I was wearing the sweater again and the guy saw me wearing it. He must think its the only thing I wear. Which I actually do in the winters, haha.

My weakness?

My weakness is definitely all things sweet and with lots of sugar. And all things unhealthy. I love fizzy drinks, I love chocolate and candy and sweet popcorn from the cinema. And even though I sometimes would like to keep a semi-strict diet I forget about it in the evenings and eat way to much junk food. But hey YOLO? (haha hate that word)

What makes you happy?

In this business you are sometimes surrounded by so much pressure and the need to have everything and travel everywhere and work with those brands and whatever that you kind of get depressed and don’t see how lucky you actually are. I started to reflect on my life and could see how blessed I am to have turned my blog to a small business, to have a loving boyfriend and family and friends, living in Berlin and I have a nice flat. These are the things I have to hold on to and these are the things that make me happy. And my weakness for Junk-Food too.

So, I hope you liked my personal post. And if you have any other questions please do feel free to ask me. Weather here or even via mail (if its rather too personal) contact@stormwes.com.



4 thoughts on “26 things to know about me – Storm Wes

  • Reply Laura 26. September 2017 at 9:25

    Ich glaubs grad nicht, dass da wirklich Angus, thongs and perfect snogging steht! Ich habe diesen film geliebt und du hast mich gerade wieder daran erinnert ❤ you’re light is ultraviolet

    • Reply Storm 26. September 2017 at 11:56

      Wie geil ist dieser Film!!
      Die Stiff Dylans! & had a slight crush on Robbie 😀

  • Reply Mareike 25. September 2017 at 21:58

    Personal posts are always really interesting! And concerning Summer and Seth – I’m totally with you. Except for the 4th season The OC is one of my favourites as well <3

    • Reply Storm 25. September 2017 at 23:14

      Yes, totally! The OC only has three seasons for me 😀
      The forth is so randomly put together :/

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