Interior Inspiration – neutrals

interior inspiration brooke testoni work space neutrals

Interior Inspiration: Neutrals

interior inspiration with brooke testoni brass elements and coffee table books

interior inspiration with brooke testoni neutrals and how to style a glass shelf


interior inspiration with shine park how to organize your shelfing interior inspiration with shine park living room goals how to decorate

















interior inspiration with fiona dinkelbach showing us how to neutral and sideboard

In my latest Interior Post I gave you a small glance of my living room situation. The first time I showed you our almost finished room. But whilst taking the pictures I came to the realization that I am not happy at all of how we are situated at the moment. The pictures on the wall don’t make sense anymore and are a not wise made decision a year ago. The color scheme is all over the place and nothing is really coordinated like I want it to be. So I have been spending all my time on Pinterest (follow me on Pinterest) and my favorite Blogs, searching for the perfect interior inspiration. And I am thinking of neutrals, going away from color and focusing more on browns, beiges, whites, cremes and so on… When it comes to style, coordination and color scheme these three have it all figured and planned out:

Brooke Testoni, Shini Park, Fiona Dinkelbach

But go see for yourself ! Oh, and guess what, my Sideboard is finally on its way ! So, there will be an interior Post of it very soon !

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